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What Is the A2 English test

The A2 level of the CEFR is the second level of the basic English proficiency. It is the second level of English written by the Council of Europe. The A1 level is very basic, but A2 is a little more complex. It involves improved vocabulary and sentences. The students of the A2 levels have mastered the basics of English and they are able to easily communicate or convey their message.

If you have an A2 level English, following are the things that you can do and cannot do:

If you are new in an English-speaking country then you will be able to communicate and interact with the English speakers that are around you. In case of a problem, you can communicate with the people and ask for help or the solution. However, in order to develop deeper friendships with the people that you meet, the A2 level of English is not enough. You may not be able to discuss various things in detail. The problem with A2 level is that you will be able to only talk about familiar topics. Topics such as media, academic courses, economics and so many others, you may not be able to communicate about them.


Children's are Study in Classroom

According to the standard of CEFR, an individual who is at the A2 level is able to:

  1. Understand and communicate about familiar topics such as personal information, employment, geography, shopping, favorite foods and other items, etc.
  2. Communicate about simple and routine related things to other people.
  3. Describe various things, such as personalities, environment, immediate need and other things.


If you compare the A1 and A2 levels of English then you will notice that the individuals who are the A2 level are advanced English speakers and listeners as compared to the individuals at A1 level. This is because they have a slightly better vocabulary, they can better understand sentences and they also have ability to respond when they are asked about familiar topics. The individual at A1 level may not be able to have a conversation with a stranger but the individual at A2 level surely can.


People with A2 level are able to evaluate the performance of their coworkers, they can talk about their weekend and other activities they have been carrying out. They have the ability to describe the happenings in their past, can even give details about their achievements, accomplishments and milestones. They are also familiar with vocabulary relating to nature and animals so they can talk about that. They can discuss clothing, talk about their vacation and can even engage in a small talk, whether at work or whether with a stranger on the road.

To be able to pass the A2 English test, an individual may require 200 hours of cumulative instruction or study. Since it is an advanced level of A1 test, greater amount of practice and study is required.


To apply to the UK Visa and Immigration for a family of the person who is already settled in the UK, for the extension Visa you will need the A2 English test. The A2 English Test is basically an evaluation of the listening and speaking of the English language of an individual. If you have stayed in UK for two and a half years then you will be required to take the A2 English test in order to get the extension visa.


Once you have started taking the instructions for the A2 English proficiency test you can then start practicing for the test as well. After your instruction has completed you can take the free sample tests that are available online to have an idea of what the test will be like. By taking the practice test, you will be more confident to take the actual test. By having a grip on the sample tests, it will be likely that you will pass the actual test.


One thing that has to be noted is that, you cannot take the test anywhere you like. There are specified locations and procedures regarding the A2 test, you have to make sure that you are registering at the right place and that you are following the right procedure. Make sure that you do your research beforehand because otherwise, you will end up taking the wrong test or the test at a wrong place and hence the results will not be considered.


The A2 test is a 7-minute-long English test which aims at evaluating your English listening and speaking skills. There are no breaks between the test, the listening and speaking skills are tested at the same time. Once you have taken the test, you will have to wait for about seven days to receive the results. For the extension of the VISA, the A2 test is extremely important.


Some people usually worry about retaking the test, they fear that if they do not pass, they will not be able to take the test. This is not true, if you pass the test then you will not be able to retake it but if you do not pass then you can retake it. There are no restrictions on retaking, you can keep taking the test until you pass it.


With the A2 level of English you will have mastered the basics of English and you will be able to conversate with the common people. You will be able to understand the day to day conversation if spoken slowly and clearly. However, to have the mastery of even wider subjects and being able to talk about it, you will need to take the B1 test. The B1 level of English makes it even more easy to conversate about various topics.