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The importance of creativity to the British education system

Creativity, critical thinking and problem solving have become essential skills in today’s corporative workplaces. Therefore, it has become important for the education system in UK to provide those essential skills to the students.

All children are artists. However, the artistic skills need to be enhanced with education in order to let them take the maximum use out of them. For example, if you go to a classroom and ask the children who are good at drawing to raise their hands, almost all of them would do it with energy and enthusiasm. Then you can ask the same question from a room filled with adults and compare the feedback you get.

Children's are Study in Classroom

Young kids don’t have any insecurity about their capabilities. In fact, they don’t fear failure. Therefore, it is much easier to introduce creativity for them via education system. With creativity, kids will be able to think out of the box and come up with new ideas. They will not be restricted to the traditional scope of thinking. As a result, they will be tempted to experiment and learn new things on their own as well.

There is a strong relationship in between creativity and innovation. The world we live in is changing at a rapid pace. Cultural change has created a tremendous impact behind the above mentioned fact. When there is a rapid change in the environment, mutation would increase. Along with change, we need to get the maximum use of creativity. If creative ideas are brought forward, change would become a better one. Therefore, it has become important to integrate creativity into the education system.

Several methods are available to cultivate creativity within the British education system. They include:

  1. The curriculum mainly focuses on reproducing existing information. It does not allow room for problem solving and critical thinking. However, it is important to introduce problem solving and critical thinking in order to make sure that creativity is cultivated among students.
  2. Activities such as painting murals, writing poems and acting out plays related to historical events also have the ability to cultivate creativity. They will assist the students to realize that their thinking capabilities are trapped within specific boundaries. When they figure out the boundaries, they will find it as an easy task to overcome them.
  3. Challenges and questions along with following up of opportunities can also contribute towards the creativity of little ones. This can provide plenty of space and time to develop new connections. In fact, new connections are essential to cultivate creativity.


Life in UK Test

As per Sir Ken Robinson, educational system in United Kingdom has become totally academic. Special attention is being paid towards the academic subjects such as History, English, Mathematics, Sciences and Geography. Such an educational system does not provide any space for creativity. It does not pursue the students to go ahead and follow creative subjects as well.

It is great to see hoe the British society is moving forward to implement this kind of a comprehensive education system. It can provide a range of benefits for all the students who enroll for their studies and who want to settle down in the society.

Exposing your little one to this amazing educational system

If you are reading this article and if you are not from the United Kingdom, you don’t need to worry about anything. There is a possibility for you allow your child to experience this outstanding educational system as well. Out of the methods available for you to go ahead with, obtaining the British citizenship has received a lot of attention. If you can obtain the British citizenship, you don’t need to worry about anything because you can expose your little ones to this education system and allow them to reap all the benefits that come along with it.

What is the B1 English test?

All the people who are willing to obtain their citizenship in United Kingdom will need to fulfill some qualifications. Out of those qualifications, the B1 English test for citizenship has received a lot of attention.

The B1 English test needs to be taken at a B1 English test center. It is only about listening and speaking. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about writing down anything or practicing for the test before you go. The listening and speaking test will go on for a period of 10 minutes. The provisional results will be delivered to you on the same day. However, it will take seven days for them to send the certificate to you.

There are two parts in the B1 English test. Before you proceed with the B1 skills test booking, you need to have a solid understanding about those parts and the overall structure of the exam. This can provide an excellent assistance for you to face it with confidence and make sure that you are ending up with positive results at the end of the day.

B1 English Test

You will need to select a topic for speaking and prepare for it. The best thing about this part of the exam is that you are provided with the opportunity to select the topic in advance. Therefore, you will be able to prepare for it heavily and then go to the B1 English test center with confidence. This can increase your chances of securing positive results at the examination as well.

The second part of the exam will test your conversation skills. If you don’t want to pay the B1 test booking fees again and take the test, you need to get through this section as well. In here, you will need to engage in a short conversation along with the examiner about two different subject areas. These subject areas will be selected by the examiner and you will not be able to get to know about them before the preparation. As a result, you will need to prepare heavily for it before you go.