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Everything you need to know about the A2 English Test

If you and your family members are planning to integrate into the British society, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding about the English knowledge. It has become a fundamental requirement for the immigrants as well. Otherwise, they will have to face a series of challenges when they are getting used to a British life. For example, they will not be able to focus on the duties at the workplace productively or support their little ones with their education.

On the month of January in 2016, the previous Prime Minister of United Kingdom introduced a new English language for the immigrants. This English language requirement is at level A2 in the Common European Framework for Reference Languages, for parents and partners who are willing to extend the existing stay in the UK, under family immigration rules.

The immigration system in UK has gone through some significant transformations throughout the past few years. That’s mainly to create better living conditions for the people who come from other countries and settle down in the UK. All the people who are willing to enter the country for employment purposes under the Point Based System will need to meet the English Language Requirement. This has been there since 2008. Along with time, many other tests were introduced to test the skills of the immigrants. The A2 English test for visa can be considered as a perfect example for such a recently added test.

What is the A2 English test?

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at what the A2 English language test is all about. It is a requirement that is available for the non-EEA national parents and partners, who are willing to apply for additional leave in order to remain within the family route. This test was implemented on May 2017. If you are eligible for the exam, you will have to pay the A2 English test fee and confirm your A2 English test booking. Then you will have to go ahead with the test as well and it will help you to confirm your further stay in the UK.

Taking part in the A2 English language test can be considered as a home office requirement. All the non-EFA nationals should pass this test in listening and speaking after spending a period of 2.5 years in the UK. Then only they will be provided with the opportunity to go ahead and extend visa. Along with that, they will also receive the qualification to further remain in the five year parent or partner route, which can lead them towards settlement.

The changes in English language requirement.

Before you go ahead with the A2 English test, it is also important to have a basic understanding about the changes that took place in the English language requirement.

As mentioned earlier, the new A2 language requirement came out in the month of November, 2016. If you have passed the A1 test, you will need to go through the A2 test. For that, you will need to make an A2 English booking in one of the SELT centers.

With the new A2 English test requirement, the government manifesto to commitment will be delivered. It will ensure that all the people who are coming to settle in the United Kingdom with family visa would have a proficient understanding about the English language, where they can also be more fluent in the future. In other words, this language training exam will make sure that a person is in a position to engage in the day to day conversations in an effective manner. As a result, that person will not come across any issues when taking part in the day to day activities in the community.

How to sit for the A2 English booking?

As you can see, it has become mandatory for you to take part in the English language exam. For that, you will need to visit a test center, which is located in your neighborhood.

The A2 English test is being offered in a large number of locations that are scattered around United Kingdom. You need to locate what’s the closest test center out of them and fix an appointment to take the test. Then you will be able to sit for the exam and get the qualifications needed.

You will be able to reserve the A2 English test online. You can visit a reliable website, which can assist you with that. Then you just need to proceed with the booking and you will be able to sit for it.

How to prepare yourself for the A2 English test?

Before you take the A2 English test for visa, you need to have a clear understanding on how to prepare for it. Otherwise, the money that you are spending on the A2 English test booking would be in vain. It is better if you can go ahead and prepare for it. Plenty of guides are there to assist you with the preparation. All you have to do is to refer to such a guide and then proceed with the exam. This will provide you with the opportunity to get through the exam without any hassle. You will not have to worry about the outcome as well.

You need to get the training done by an institution that offers appropriate study materials. Then you will not find any difficulties at the time of facing the exam. In addition to that, you will also be provided with the appropriate guidelines, which you must follow in order to sit for the exam. Then you can be well prepared to go ahead and face the exam. Hence, you don’t need to worry too much about the outcome that you get. That’s because preparation is the key to end up with the positive results and get what you deserve in the exam.